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Industrie Montali began life back in 1910 as a tomato purée manufacturer, packing its products directly into jars as was the custom at the time.

It has kept pace with changing tastes over its 100 year history, creating superb Italian sauces for pasta, sauces for antipasti and salad dressings as well as the more traditional tomato purée derivatives.

The “Easy” range from Industrie Montali combines classic tastes with a modern, practical slant. The wide choice of EasyMontali products is designed to suit many different needs and is aimed both at the retail and Ho.Re.Ca sectors.

MadeExclusively With Italian Tomatoes

Industrie Montali guarantees that its products contain no preservatives, colourants or antioxidants whatsoever. It only uses tomatoes grown, harvested and processed in Italy, ensuring that the entire supply chain is fully transparent and providing customers with unique, unmistakable, genuine products.



To analyse consumers’ needs and meet their every request.

To ensure our products contain no preservatives, colourants or antioxidants whatsoever.

To measure customer satisfaction and constantly improve our products.

To train and support our staff on their career pathways.


of individual packaging


The aluminium foil packets protect the contents from light and oxidising agents, ensuring the product stays fresher for longer and keeps its flavour and fragrance.


The weight and volume of the packets are reduced significantly, enabling considerable savings in terms of transport, storage and handling costs.


The packets contain exactly the right quantity, thereby avoiding waste.


The packets are designed to be torn open without the need for cutlery.


The products require less packaging, thereby reducing their environmental impact.