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MadeExclusivelyWith Italian Tomatoes

The “Easy” range from Industrie Montali combines classic tastes with a modern, practical slant. The wide choice of EasyMontali products is designed to suit many different needs and is aimed both at the retail and Ho.Re.Ca sectors.
Industrie Montali guarantees that its products contain no preservatives, colourants or antioxidants whatsoever.

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Our packets of ready-to-serve sauces are perfect for 160 g of pasta. Simply pour over cooked pasta and stir through for a meal packed with genuine, homemade flavours in a matter of minutes.

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organicand vegan sauces

Inspired by an increasingly popular consumer trend, Montali has created the Bio Vegan range of ready-to-serve pasta sauces: classic, traditional Italian recipes made exclusively with organic ingredients. The huge choice of products marries the pleasures of eating with the need to make healthy choices.

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Delicious spreads in a handy 150 g tube: the perfect way to create a host of antipasti, crostini and quick, tempting snacks.

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TheCatering Range

100% Italian tomatoes with no preservatives, the finest quality raw materials enriched with simple, natural ingredients to bring out their flavours: Industrie Montali’s special range for the Ho.Re.Ca sector.

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